May 13, 2013


Cruz (la hermana de Lourdes), took me out for a typical Saturday night, Sevillano style!  First stop was an open-air tapas bar at La Plaza Nueva in el centro.  Then we were off to another local bar where it was promised there would be Flamenco.  And surely there was!  It was an understated, dive bar, patrons packed-in like sardines, and a professional Flamenco troupe performing!  I was stunned from the moment we walked in.  The Flamenco dancer, in full regalia, was exquisite! What I didn't know was how A-MAY-ZING the Flamenco singers are! Wow!!!  Such passionate singing - it gave me goose-bumps! Cruz and I had fun trying to translate "goose-bumps!"  Yet we immediately knew what we meant with gestures! :)

I'm glad I hadn't already given-in to my excitement about Flamenco before Cruz took me, as I am all the wiser now.  Unlike a "formal" show, I enjoyed these local spots with very few tourists.  We didn't need tickets at either spot, and it was fabulous being in a house packed with the local Sevillanos who joined-in, singing every song.  It's truly a beloved tradition here, and they are as passionate about their Flamenco as I am about my local música in the Bay Area!!

I decided to travel light this time, and did not take my good camera. Dang! Big mistake! And why do people keep insisting that iPhones take great pictures?  They don't, and I've attached a few pics as evidence of that.  Unfortunately, these shots are all I have (for now!).  There's pic of me and Cruz (I love her, btw, and we're going out again soon!), and a few pics of the Flamenco dancer and singers.  ¡Olé!

Was thrilled to talk with my Mommy on Sunday, to wish her a Happy Mother's Day voice-to-voice!  :)  Hope all the mothers out there felt loved, celebrated and appreciated!

Hasta pronto...

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